Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Red Dots On Skin Could Be Eczema

I found some red dots on my skin and I had no idea what they were. I knew I needed to get them checked out, but I didn't know exactly where to go for the red spots on skin. I needed to figure out exactly what they were to make sure that it wasn't anything serious.

My mom had told me that eczema appears as red dots on the skin as well as dry red patches. I was pretty sure it was eczema and not melanoma, but I wanted to be sure. I knew that I needed to find a doctor that could give me the best care and treatment for these red dots on skin.

I decided to do an online search for "red tiny dots" to find some information about this problem and doctors who were available in my area. I had never been to a dermatologist before, and I was a little bit nervous about going and receiving a scary diagnosis. It didn't seem like it would be, but the red spots were a little worrisome. I was pretty sure it just a rash or eczema, but I wanted to be sure.

I knew that eczema was itchy and could spread. My mom suggested hydrocortisone cream for it but the over the counter tube of hydrocortisone cream wasn't cutting it. I was pretty sure I would need some sort of topical steroid to take care of it. When I found the doctors I thought seemed good from the reviews I had read online, I made an appointment for the next day. It seems like that was the best natural remedy and vitamin for the red spots on skin.

When I went to the doctor she told me that I did indeed have eczema and she prescribed a steroid ointment for it. I was relieved that it wasn't melanoma. She described the symptoms of melanoma for me and exactly what the dots would look like if I did. It was very informative and I now know that I can find melanoma in different places.

I was happy to find out that the eczema could be treated with the steroid ointment, and it would be going away within about a week. The eczema had been really uncomfortable and I was itching all over my legs. I knew that I needed to get it figured out fast before it spread anywhere else on my legs. It seemed like this could be exactly what I needed to get rid of the problem.

I called my mom and told her that she was right about the eczema. I knew that being worried that it was melanoma or a deadly rash was probably overreacting, but the peace of mind of going to see a doctor about it was reassuring.

Doing the online search helped me find a great dermatologist that told me exactly what I needed to hear. All in all it was a good experience to find out what my options were, and what treatment was the best thing for me.